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All our Japanese gourmet creations are made to order for 100% freshness

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We use only the best imported and locally sourced ingredients

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Your favorite sushi dishes are just a few clicks away

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We deliver Fresh, Top-Grade Sushi to your Doorstep

From exquisite looking maki, fresh sashimi, Inari, gunkan, and more, we deliver premium sushi with affordable prices so that you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home!

Safe and hygenic

100% Safe and Hygienic

All of our food dishes are prepared in a commercial kitchen. We practice stringent hygiene standards in every aspect of our food handling procedures, from purchase of ingredients until the food is handed over to you.

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No Compromise on Speed, Taste, and Quality

To prepare orders at the highest quality and speed, our kitchen is headed by a highly experienced chef.  Our chefs are able to bring out the best of our premium ingredients, creating consistently delicious food without compromising on food quality.


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  Is Sushi Delivery Malaysia’s food prepared in a home kitchen?

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